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The Australian Taxation Office is expected to release a hit list of the areas it plans to crack down on in the upcoming financial year.

Instead of focusing on individual occupations, the ATO said it will target work-related claims such as computer, mobile and internet use. Each year around $19.5 billion is claimed in work-related deductions — and electronic devices are taking up a fast-growing share of those claims, ATO assistant commissioner Karen Anstis told News Limited. “People are using […]

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Death and Taxes

What’s the difference between death and taxes?

The difference between death and taxes is death doesn’t get worse every time Parliament sits.* Never a truer word was spoken! Recommendations in The Commission of Audit and announcements in the Federal Budget have set the hares running on changes to a broad swathe of taxes, rebates, deductions and benefits. We can’t forecast what might […]

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Congratulations 2014 Gold Award Winner!

From the team at Business Quality Awards : Dear Alchemy, Our evaluation is now complete and we are pleased to advise you have been awarded a Gold Award for 2014. This is a really great performance and you should be very proud of your achievement. Your customers clearly appreciate the time and effort you invest […]

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