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Most business owners find bookkeeping and computers a little daunting. Accounting and set up of the correct record-keeping system are often the last areas to move with the times. However, it can be the cornerstone of a smoothly operating business.

We want to help your business with productivity and the bottom line through the use of simple, modern and compliant accounting alternatives. Call us for help with all facets of bookkeeping and accounting systems that will leave you free to make your business turn into gold.


The level of taxation and the complexity of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) system continue to be a major problem for small business. Mention the words “Tax Audit” and many business owners fear a very stressful experience. “Death & Taxes”, truer today, more than ever.

We have the experience and rapport with the ATO to ensure all tax matters applicable to your business are clearly explained and your taxation minimized.

Business Structuring

Under which legal structure will or should your business operate? There are more advantages with certain structures from a tax and an asset protection viewpoint than others. We like to help get this structure right.. .first time. Alchemy also believes in the KISS principle and won’t confuse you with an organisational chart you will never really understand.

Business Planning

A business plan covers all aspects of your business or activities. It includes strategic as well as financial and marketing planning.

As you are the person who drives your business, the plan should come from you. Alchemy will ensure you enjoy the extra benefit of clarifying your own ideas on how your business should be run. We will be here to see you achieve what you plan.

Business Appraisals

Buyers of existing businesses often pay excessive amounts without properly considering the net value of that business, in the short and long term. There are many factors buyers should consider before making the final decision to purchase.

Alchemy will provide a full report including business profit, industry trends, goodwill, stock valuations and the current owner’s reason for selling!


Budgeting is the process of devising a financial plan for future operations. A budget of expenditure and income over a future set period of time is a powerful management tool, for business as well as personally. Slack in the budgeting department? In ten steps Alchemy will have your budgeting worries in your control.

Cash Flow Projections

Accurate cash flow projections are vital to a successful business. If you have a crystal ball and can see into the future, this will not be a problem. If you don’t have a crystal ball this may all sound too hard.

We can help you set up your cash flows whether it’s part of a finance application, purchase of a new business or part of your Business Plan. Eight steps will set you on the right path for your future.

Monitoring Performance

How is your business going? You probably don’t really know, except to check if there’s any money in the bank!

We will help you see not only how your business is really going but more importantly, we’ll show you how to keep on track to improve or increase your success.

Business Start Up

Before going into business it is essential that you do your homework. Starting a business is not easy. There are many legal, physical, financial, marketing, personnel, insurance and government requirements that must be addressed. In addition, the accounting and taxation matters are critical in so many ways.

The approach we have developed to make your business venture start smoothly, is no nonsense, clear and concise. You will be amazed at what this checklist covers. It will certainly help guarantee your business success..

Due Diligence

Due diligence refers to the process of acquiring and reviewing objective and reliable information about a project, company or business prior to a specific event occurring.

For example, a primary focus of the due diligence would be to confirm the income streams of the business and assess the risks that are associated with those streams. It may involve the examination of various contracts to assess their length and the likely income to be generated over the life of each contract, how easily it can be terminated by either party and whether there are any penalties associated with the operation of the contract that you should be aware of.

Another aspect relates to the non-tangible value of the staff involved with the operation. A review of how long staff has been employed and the ramifications of their resignation should be done. Such things as provisioning for long service leave, compliance with Superannuation guarantees payments and the existence or need for restraint of competition agreements should be ascertained.

Commercial Management

In the competitive business world you need to have some “edge”. You should also have Alchemy on your side. We have the ability to think strategically, the knowledge of strategic cost management, strategic planning skills and the understanding of information technology. These are the skills that will help your commercial success.

Strategic Planning

Strategic thinking, planning and action is the best route to success – so why do so many businesses place it so low on their list of priorities? It all probably sounds too scary!

We would agree, but it is the most exciting and rewarding way to run your business. We have the skills to show you how.

Finance Applications

Most businesses will at some time need to borrow in order to grow.

Alchemy will save you time and money by helping to clarify your goals, your needs, your limitations and your capacity before you apply for finance.

We will then obtain the best deal for you.

Financial Services

Do not leave your financial future to chance – protect yourself and loved ones from the uninvited and the unexpected.

We can help you set up your individual savings and investment strategies, as well much more. We know that proper protection of your lifestyle is the foundation on which your overall financial plan should be built.

Financial Planning

Less than 20% of Australians will achieve complete financial independence by the time they retire. There is a way that you can ensure being in that minority position, prosperous in your retirement years.

Alchemy will help you set financial goals, implement and follow a suitable financial plan. We will ensure you have the correct plans for your financial success


Any form of savings or investment could once be called Super – if it was something you held with the aim of providing an income after you finish your working career. Some regard their home or their business as their Super and plan to live off the proceeds following the sale. Unfortunately the Rules and Legislation regarding Super make it a very difficult for all of us to plan for the future.

Alchemy will keep your Super planning simple. At the same time, we are mindful to maximize the amount you can receive from Centrelink, i.e. Pension and/or Concessions. We want to help you control your Super for the rest of your life.

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